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LJONES CFA (Computer Forensic Analyst) is a Louisiana licensed private investigative firm specializing in digital forensics. LJONES CFA is operated by Larry Jones, a former FBI Special Agent and Computer Forensic Analyst.  LJONES CFA offers a variety of digital forensic services including consulting and expert testimony where required.  Since 2018, LJONES CFA has been retained to assist in a wide range of investigations involving digital evidence (computer data, smartphone data, and Internet data).  

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Examples of Investigations Performed

Since 2018, LJONES CFA has been involved in the following types of investigations:

Data Preservation of cellular phone data in anticipation in preparation for potential administrative, civil, or criminal actions.

Data Preservation & Collection

Intellectual Property or Trade Secrets theft committed by current or former employee.

Intellectual Property Theft

Provide consultation and assistance regarding digital evidence in pending criminal cases.

Criminal Charges

Provide consultation and assistance in civil litigation involving digital evidence.

Civil Litigation

Compromise of business email accounts, especially top executives for the purpose of monetary theft or sensitive company data.

Business Email Compromise

The isolation and extraction of specific data types from smartphones such as text messages, photos, videos or recorded audio.

Extraction of Smartphone Data

Recovery of data from the computer of a deceased to assist in the Succession of assets.


Any employee misconduct such as harassment or misuse of company resources.

Employee Misconduct

Recovery and analysis of data relating to issues in family court such as child custody.

Family Court Proceedings

Assist victims in the recovery and collection of data from devices related to online extortion attempts.

Online Extortion

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