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Larry Jones dba LJONES CFA, LLC

My name is Larry Jones, and I am a retired FBI Agent and Computer Forensic Analyst / Investigator. I am a licensed private investigator, and I operate under the business name LJONES CFA (Computer Forensic Analyst). My company offers a variety of digital investigative services including consulting, data analysis and expert testimony. Since 2018, when I retired from the FBI, LJONES CFA has been retained to assist in a variety of investigations involving digital evidence (computers, smartphones, tablets, external data storage devices, and Internet websties). See Examples of Investigations performed below.

Larry Jones dba LJONES CFA working at his desk
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Examples of Investigations Performed

Since 2018, LJONES CFA has been involved in the following types of investigations:

Preservation of smartphone data and/or the extraction of specific data types such as text messages, call logs, photos, or recorded audio for Client or Client Attorney review.

Civil Litigation Consultation

Submit expert opinion report supporting the Client's contention he was not responsible for a malicious business email compromise.

Civil Litigation Expert Opinion

In a Succession of Assets, accessed computer data where the computer password was unknown.

Civil Litigation Consultation

Perform analysis of computer data to determine if a former employee had committed theft of the Client company's proprietary files.

Internal Investigation

Identify and analyze computer data to determine if an employee has been involved in misconduct such as misuse of Client company assets or time theft.

Internal Investigations

Review and analyze the government's evidence and reports to make a recommendation as to whether sufficient evidence exists to support a defendant's conviction.  These consultation services have been provided in health care fraud, bank fraud, and child exploitation criminal cases.

Criminal Defense Consultation

Recovery of data from the computer of a deceased to assist in the Succession of assets.

Civil Litigation - Succession

Preserved data from websites and social media (i.e. Facebook) to support the Client's claims of harassment, extortion, or posting of false information.

Internet Website Investigations

Recovery and analysis of smartphone data relating to issues in family court such as child custody.

Civil Litigation - Family Court

Assist victims of email and online fraud in the preservation of online data to be used in the potential recovery and identification of the suspects committing the fraud.

Internet Website Investigations

Larry Jones has been retained as a neutral third party examiner in civil litigations performing forensic analysis on behalf of both the plaintiff and defendant.

Civil Litigation - Neutral Third Party

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